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Wow! What a whirlwind weekend!

Donna Downey's Inspiration Journal Class

I had a wonderful weekend (as I hope you did, too)! Not only did I get to celebrate by hubby's birthday on Friday, and again on Saturday, but I also got to take Donna Downey's Inspiration Journal Class at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley on Sunday. I got to join Sylvia, Tina, and Paula for this great art adventure. Donna's class was amazing, packed full of great info and inspiration. And now I am excited to say that I have an art journal! Hooray! I've been wanting to start one for so long and now I have one! So here's a peek at some of the fun stuff I did during class (and a little bit from after). If you click over to my photos on flickr, I've added more details on some. So enjoy and be inspired!!


scrapwordsmom said…
Art journaling is my very fave thing to do! I just can't get enough. I have sooo many books about techniques and ideas regarding this topic.

Which one are you in that photo with Donna?
Jen said…
I'm the one in the black sweater/ black glasses standing right next to Donna.

I am LOVING art journaling, too. So much fun. What books would you recommend on the topic, Leslie?